HIDRO MAT is one of the biggest Bulgarian companies which for 8 years successfully operates in the Bulgarian and International markets. It is certified in accordance with the International standards ISO 9001:2008 issued by the world’s leading company for quality management TUVRheinald as a proof that the European standards for this area are covered by the organization. Maintain activities, manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, repair and modification of high risk facilities are performed with the Certificates issued by the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance and the Bulgarian Shipping Register. HIDRO MAT is an official importer of the production of many worlds’ leading companies in the hydraulic and pneumatic fields. The excellent quality and high level of precision are provided by the permanent strict control.Along with the main activities HIDRO MAT offers a wide range of services . see more
, related with the maintenance and repair of heavy, passenger and building vehicles as well as of agro machines.In our service facilities specialized superstructures, falling boards, crane devices, tipping tractor trailers’ hydraulic systems. Every single mounting or repair is being done under the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturers.We also provide subscriptions for maintenance of crane installations, flexible working grounds, electrical telfers, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.Our main aim is to satisfy our customers’ requirements for fast and high quality services as well as persistent presence on the market.
  • Dealing with hydraulic and pneumatic elements and systems;
  • Trade with hydraulic, pneumatic and specialized hoses; 
  • Manufacture of high pressure hoses;
  • Repair, production and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders     and systems;
  • Repair, production and maintenance of lifting installations;
  • Extraordinary orders;
  • Project and production of machines, intstallations; 
  • Repair, production and maintenance of agricultural machines;
  • Project and manufacture of waste hydraulic presses for and containers;
  • Project and manufacture of superstructures;
  • Production of hydraulic systems and metal construction for WPP;

  • Fabrication and installation of hydraulic, cylinder control sluices at WPP USTREM.

  • Design and manufacture of shovels snow-plow with hydraulic systems for trucks, tractors and more.

  • Fabrication and installation of hydraulic control system SHPP Hajredin.

  • Reconstruction and modernization of the transfer station for municipal waste "Kapcheto" Bourgas Municipality.

  • Import and wholesale of industrial salt for roads.

  • Manufacture of hydraulic machines by client.

  • Production of grain transshipment containers of household waste.




Hidro Mat LTD guarantees quality and security to its customers. Thanks to our many years of experience,
Hidro Mat LTD is a proven company on both the Bulgarian and foreign markets.